28 Sep 2015   |   Places

Vietnam’s Beauty As Seen In Its Iconic Ao Dai

“The ao dai covers everything but hides nothing.” No one seems to remember who said that but we all agree the Vietnamese ao dai is a very attractive traditional garment. Literally translated as “long dress,” the ao dai is actually a two-piece outfit, consisting of long pants and a tight fitting tunic.

Although the ao dai is worn by both Vietnamese men and women, it’s more popular among women. One of the most iconic postcards from Vietnam is one of a group of girls in their white ao dais riding to school on their bicycles.

In this recent shot, photographer Rehahn did not simply feature a woman in ao dai at sunrise, he actually captured a complete image of Vietnam by interweaving the country’s other iconic details such as the conical hat, the rice paddies, the bamboo bridge and the lotus lake. To see more of Rehahn’s photos, or to order a copy of his book, visit www.rehahnphotographer.com or his studio in Hoi An (Couleurs D’Asie, 7 Nguyen Hue Street).