31 Aug 2015   |   Places

The Jewel on The Crown of Saigon

Though Ho Chi Minh City aka Saigon is the fastest growing city in Vietnam, if you look beyond the burgeoning commercial enterprise, the city still retains much of the charm inherited from her colonial era heydey. In the heart of the most bustling district of the city, the Notre Dame Basilica evokes thoughts of other eras, other people.

This Romanesque-style cathedral was designed by architect Jules Bourard and completed in 1880, with building materials mostly imported from France. Today, Notre Dame is a must-see destination for tourists and a popular pre-nuptials photo-opp for soon-to-be married local couples.

In this picture below, Jet Huynh’s image demonstrates how the modern world is rushing by these staid old icons of another time. See more of Jet’s images at www.jethuynh.com.