4 Aug 2015   |   Places

A River That Runs Past Palaces and Pavilions

Way back in the 1990s, a man on the Phu Xuan Bridge in Hue casually informed us that the Huong River was the 7th most beautiful river in the world. Where he got his information, we’ll never know. But we like this idea, and so we’ll repeat it here: The Huong River, more commonly known in English as the Perfume River, is the 7th most beautiful river in the world.

Formed by two feeder streams, Ta Trach and Huu Trach in the Truong Son Mountain Range, the river runs through Hue, splicing the older imperial city with the newer, French-influenced colonial district. The Huong flows past royal palaces, temples and tombs of Nguyen Dynasty, and the luxury hotel, La Residence Hotel & Spa.

From feng shui, we know that the Huong carries all of the good elements from this remarkable region to Hue’s Imperial City. Today, fishermen still make a living from these waters. In this picture, Quoc Anh captured a fishermen at dawn dealing with his morning catch on the Nhu Y, a branch of Huong River. See more of Quoc Anh's images at https://instagram.com/quocanhptw/.