24 Jun 2015   |   Places

A Pavilion Without Peer In the Imperial City at Hue

In the oriental wonderland of the Imperial City at Hue, no building looms quite so large as Hien Lam Pavilion, a monument designed as a tribute to the accomplishments of the Nguyen Emperors. Built in 1821-1822, the emperors decreed that no building in the Imperial City could exceed the 17-meter height of the Pavilion. And no other building did until 1945 when the last Vietnamese emperor abdicated to Ho Chi Minh.

In this image, Hue native Vu Pham captured two Vietnamese women in the iconic conical hat and the traditional blouse (ao ba ba) striding down a walkway that traces the square-kilometer walled city. See more of Vu's images at instagram.com/soaipham.