22 Sep 2015   |   Places

Drumming and Dancing at the Mid Autumn Festival

The Mid Autumn Festival is the loudest festival in Vietnam. Dragons and lions spring from door to door to the sound of a drum that beats as hard as the heart of every child who hears this telltale tattoo.

This festival is celebrated annually, in Vietnam and China, when the moon is full during the eighth month of the lunar calendar. Lucky is the traveler whose trip coincides with this festival. There’s so much to do on this holiday, from the drumming and dancing to lighting lanterns, gazing at the moon, putting on masks and savoring mooncakes.

Like Halloween in the West, this celebration is well-known as a children’s festival because they love it more than anyone. Some children even practice their lion dancing dozens of days before the festival takes place.

In this picture, Tran Quang Duc captured a group of children playing their drum and wearing their masks inside a van at Hanoi’s old quarter. See more of Duc’s images at tranquangduc.com.