14 Jan 2016   |   Places

Dalat's Attractions Make for a Cool Getaway

When it comes to traveling in Vietnam, cooler temps may seem like a distant memory...that is, until you’ve reached the city of Dalat. Ranked at #30 on the New York Times’ ‘52 Places to Go in 2016’ list, the city is described as, “a cool alternative to the usual steamy Vietnamese destination,” and indeed it is.

Located at 1,500 metres above sea level on the Langbian Plateau in the southern region of the Central Highlands, this microclimate houses unique landscapes surrounded by flowers, pine woods, breathtaking valleys, lakes, waterfalls and forests. It has grown to become a popular tourist attraction and earned a handful of nicknames from the ‘City of Thousands of Pine Trees’ to the ‘City of Eternal Spring,’ ‘City of Love,’ and more.

With temperatures ranging from 14(57 °F) to 23 (73 °F) degrees Celsius throughout the year, each day can feel like a change of seasons. From spring in the early morning with wet dew on the ground to summer around noon when the sun is at its highest, a feeling of fall in the afternoon as the sun begins to set and a brisk evening to conclude the day. Due to its microclimate, Dalat has become an agricultural paradise with crops ranging from coffee, various fruits and vegetables and a growing wine and flower industry. 

Although it’s been nearly 100 years since the French arrived in Dalat, their imprint still remains in the structures they’ve left behind. Ernest Hebrard was the French architect behind this urban planning movement and his designs are reflected in the Dalat Railway Station, Dominion of Mary, Dalat Cathedral, Emperor Bao Dai’s Palaces and the many villas and boulevards that make up this ‘Little Paris’ today. 

Not only are Dalat’s attractions filled with scenic landscapes, colonial architecture and fresh crops, it’s also become a destination for year-round golf. Newly opened Dalat 1200 is the world’s first accredited country club and private estate in an Asian Tour Destination.

Photographer, Thanh Hien captures a small suburb of Dalat one foggy morning from K’Long K’Lanh Pass.

Dalat Attractions: K'Long K'Lanh Pass