16 Jun 2015   |   Places

The 21st Century Surrounds Tran Hung Dao

If you were to identify the top three heroes most revered by the Vietnamese, Tran Hung Dao would be one of them. (Can you name the other two?) He beat back three Mongol invasions in the 13th Century, thus securing his spot in the pantheon. Today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a Vietnamese city without a street named for the general. People worship his memory at temples throughout Vietnam. And countless statues stand as testaments to his greatness. Photographer Liem Tran captured this image of Tran Hung Dao in Ho Chi Minh City’s first district, where the city is developing as fast as a Polaroid. Sculptor Pham Thong crafted this image of the general. It was erected at Bach Dang Wharf in the 1960s. See more of Liem’s images at  https://instagram.com/liemtran.