10 Aug 2015   |   Hotels

The ‘Peak’ of Luxury on Halong Bay

When Paradise Cruises launched its Paradise Peak fleet in 2012, it redefined the boundaries of 5-star cruising on Halong Bay. After all, no other collection of boats could lay claim to having facilities such as libraries and fitness centers.

To this day, the Peak line is the standard by which all other junks are measured by, thanks in large part to its elegant, 40-square-meter Superior Suites. In all aspects, the suites mirror the splendor and majesty of the surrounding scenery, on constant, glorious display via the cabins’ wide windows and private balconies. A large en-suite bathroom and dining area underscore each suite's level of sophistication, while the room’s overall spaciousness allows for personalized services, such as private dinners and spa treatments.